'We thank them for making this great
new product a reality for our hotel'

James Gancos Senior Vice President of Hotel and Food & Beverage,
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
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Innovation and Inspiration

An innovative business is one that adds more value for its customers – this is entrenched in everything we do to ultimately communicate this value to hotel guests around the world. Our core values are based on the ability to be inspired to create positive change for our industry and customers alike. Through a process of creative collaboration we create difference.

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We will help you choose exactly the right design and products

We have built our business through understanding our clients, their business, their guests and their brands. Today, Concept Amenities is honoured to have long-term client relationships with leading hotel brands across the globe, with many relationships spanning several decades. We have grown the business with a global mindset and are now established in Australasia, North America and Europe and our presence continues to grow in the Middle East and Asia. Far beyond being simply the purveyors of amenity products, we are intrinsically linked to the creation of memorable guest experiences. This mindset provides a clear focus for who we are and what we do best. Rising customer expectations and the never-ending quest for more indulgent pampering is something that inspires us to continually innovate our products and services to help our clients provide enriching and distinctive brand-strengthening guest experiences. More than just a supplier for the hospitality industry, we are a trusted partner who plays an integral role in shaping our customers’ brand experience. We are a values driven organisation that infuses every action with a highly principled and ethical approach. We take great pride in exhibiting integrity in every deed and thrive on transparency and accountability. At the heart of everything we do is a fundamental ‘respect’ for the people we work with and the world around us. While our calling in business is providing amazing sensory indulgences, it is how we do it that truly sets us apart.