Váhy is an Australian Artisanal Fragrance House crafting natural fine fragrance without compromise on quality, longevity, or sophistication of scent. They believe in creating and delivering products that feel good and look good, but most importantly, are good. Through these foundations and practices, they promote the choice of making ethical, natural and organic purchasing decisions a regular occurrence. Dedicated to creating products with passion, integrity and without ever compromising on quality. Respecting the earth by using materials that leave minimal impact and supporting products that are free from harmful chemicals and use premium and sustainable ingredients.Vahy range 300ml bottle

Váhy was founded by two lifelong friends, Anna and Kate, who both share a passion for clean living and exceptionally made products that are natural, cruelty-free and without compromise.

Our new amenities range in partnership with Váhy, comprises:

300ml Shampoo, 300ml Conditioner, 300ml Hand and Body Wash, 300ml Hand & Body Lotion


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