Soap Aid

We founded the not-for-profit charity, Soap Aid.

Soap Aid collects waste soap from hotels and re-processes them into new, useful bars of soap which are distributed, together with education materials, to third world countries.

One of the most critical needs facing our world is the lack of proper hygiene in third world countries, which results in millions of unnecessary deaths, more often children.

By the simple act of a child washing their hands with a bar of soap, we could potentially reduce the number of diarrhea cases by over 40 percent.

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Disaster Relief

Almost every year, natural disasters have a devastating impact on people in many parts of the world. We work with relief partners in times of need to provide hygiene products such as soap, dental kits and shave kits to disaster affected areas.

Local Community

We provide support and product to various local communities and charities including such as the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts, crisis care and hospitals.


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