Our Carbon Neutral Journey

Recently Hunter Amenities embarked on the journey to reduce and ultimately remove our carbon footprint. We engaged The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) to complete a full carbon audit on our facilities and products. As of 1st July 2014, Hunter Amenities achieved its first emissions reduction benchmark becoming a LowCO2 (50%) company. This will be increased over the next 5 years to fully offset our operating facilities by 2019. Working with the Carbon Reduction Institute, we are supporting developing countries through various Carbon Offset programs. These programs allow us to make a real impact in rural communities and the environment. As part of this venture we are proud to announce that our new amenity collections are now carbon neutral. Purchasing any of our collections means you will be supporting a variety of projects throughout the world.

What is the Greenhouse effect?

The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is a term that describes the natural temperature regulation mechanism of the planet. The greenhouse effect is caused by a layer of gases (including CO2, methane, water vapour) in the earth’s atmosphere that absorbs heat which help the planet maintain its temperature.

What is CO2 and how does it relate to the Greenhouse effect and climate change?

CO2 is a gas made up of 1 Carbon atom and 2 Oxygen atoms. It is released into the atmosphere whenever fossil fuels (such as petrol, coal, gas) are burned for energy. Society’s dependence on fossil fuels over the past century has caused high levels of CO2 emissions to become trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This enhances the greenhouse effect and causes more heat absorption in the atmosphere, which in turn causes temperature increases on earth. This phenomenon is referred to as Global Warming, or Climate Change, and has serious consequences for the planet.

Why should I act in regards to climate change?

Climate change, or global warming, is caused by human activities, and so the responsibility to counter it falls with us. By buying energy from renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency and offsetting unavoidable emissions, you can negate your CO2 emissions and your impacts toward climate change.

How can I accurately determine the amount of CO2 emitted in a product's life cycle?

By studying the emissions generated from the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transport, usage and disposal, we are able to determine a product’s emissions life cycle..

What is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral is the result of offsetting all of the carbon emission produced during the life cycle of a product.

What is carbon offsetting and what does it do?

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism whereby individuals pay a third party to reduce the same amount of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere that they have added to it. Carbon offsetting is achieved through energy efficiency projects that reduce energy usage and hence the emissions associated with energy usage.

How do you choose your projects? 

We choose projects that reduce fossil-fuel energy production, or that have run-on environmental benefits for society. For example, we are interested in salt-bush plantation projects for their ability to sequester carbon and lower the water table in salinity affected areas. We are also interested in harvesting polluting algae from rivers and processing this into bio-diesel and bio-digested energy, thus creating multitiered benefits for the environment.

What are Carbon Neutral products? 

Carbon Neutral Products are products whose emissions are offset prior to their purchase. This means that the global warming impacts of the product are negated. Click here for more information on Carbon Neutral Products.


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