"Vantage's philosophy has always been 'do the right thing'. By switching to the ERP biodegradable amenity packages, we are once again doing the right thing - for the environment, for our members, and for our guests. We are honoured to be the first international hotel brand to take such an important and proactive step". Roger Bloss - CEO & Founder, Vantage Hospitality, parent company of Americas Best Value Inn and The Lexington Collection.

"The Brisbane Riverview Hotel is committed to our guests and the environment we all share. By selecting Hunter Amenities and their ERP product line, it shows our overall commitment to the environment and reducing landfill". Brett Whicker, General Manager Brisbane Riverview Hotel.

"When it came time to review our amenity range, ERP was the logical choice for Best Western Australasia. ERP has the best formulation for biodegradation and thus to reduce landfill and BWA's carbon footprint, which is our goal and our amenity partner Hunter. It was an easy choice to make". Spencer Watson - Regional Services & Quality Assurance, Best Western Australasia.


"American Casino & Entertainment Properties is committed to our guests & the environment we all share. Selecting Hunter Amenities and Brady Industries and their ERP product line supports our commitment of Corporate Responsibility and has enhanced our green initiatives in a product category which has historically contributed to landfill excess". Kevin R. Ball - Corporate Vice President of Purchasing, American Casino & Entertainment Properties LLC.

"The Eco Pure Amenities fit in perfectly with the unique, pristine environments of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland...reminds us all that we need to use products such as Eco Pure to help rejuvenate the environment". Bob Batterby, Hinterland Tourism.